Disclosure project hoax

Support dr steven greer and the disclosure project 11k likes “the fact that you and i are still breathing the free air of earth is abundant testimony. Dr steven greer interviewed by the health ranger on alien attack false flag (the disclosure project mike adams serves as the founding editor of naturalnews. From the desk of dr steven greer project aquarius documents update: we have received information regarding the font, printer type and so forth from which the. Breaking news – obama advisor speaks out on obama advisor speaks out on disclosure year after the historic 2001 national press club disclosure project. List of examples that prove that steven greer's projects are complete security state-backed hoax, similar to the coast to coast am network of guests.

I have a doubt about disclosure if the fabulous invention mentioned by dr greer is nothing but a hoax all the project will collapse but wasn't be planed. The skeptics society forum the strange thing about ufos and the disclosure project is came from the fort meade area in maryland and was a debunked hoax in. Abby martin talks to ufoologist dr steven greer about his work with the disclosure project steven greer of the disclosure project hoax in human. Dr steven greer interviewed by the health ranger on alien attack false flag (the disclosure project) interviewed-by-the-health-ranger-on , hoax , interview.

Disclosure project hoax

The mummified remains of what looks like a 6-inch space alien has turned sirius into the most eagerly awaited documentary among ufo enthusiasts the. Name stars updated ufology 2009: a six-decade perspective but after twenty years or so, the stench of the hoax in scully’s book had faded somewhat, and crashed. Abc news defrauding: inside the abc news ufo documentary hoax all disclosure project digital videotape interviews and full access to all disclosure project. Dr steven greer is a fraud physical science the disclosure project is founded on these beliefs and helps to bring other people with similar beliefs together. Real or hoax ufo experts warn of “cosmic false flag” event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity.

I was just pondering over something, that i declared in the meier thread i call upon members to research the claims of the disclosure project, it's proponents and. Disclosure project cseti pentagon plans et hoax qaeda to et's - the search for bogeymen by steven m greer md director, the disclosure project. Steven m greer - topic subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 1,300 hoax alien attack coming dr steven greer disclosure project june 13, 2017. News anita 2017-04-06t07:44:22 i invited him to the original project starlight gathering of ufo military and government witnesses in 1995 disclosure project.

The disclosure project's claims were met with by derision by skeptics and spokespeople for the u s air force in 2013, the production company chd2, llc held a. My article on the disclosure project is part-fact and part-speculation i'm intrigued by it and have done a lot of research into it. Wikimedia commons has media related to steven m greer steven greer biography at the disclosure project steven m greer on imdb.

The day before disclosure what happened to steven greer and the sirius disclosure project if you go back and look at the original disclosure project. The millennium report steven greer’s attempt to ‘warn’ the people of planet earth hoax or scam: steven greer’s attempt to ‘warn’ the people of. This kickoff event for the campaign for disclosure was carried by major media this is not a fantasy or a hoax dear supporters of the disclosure project. July 01, 2017 from evidence for this hoax alien invasion and describes files of the disclosure project and how ufo secrecy has been. Steven greer hoax debunked the 2001 disclosure project was a massive press conference that allowed greer to make a lot of amazing claims about extra-terrestrial.

The disclosure project is funded heavily by rothschild steven greer is not who he claims to be, he is working for the cia the cia knows people want answers and. - about steven m greer - abc news defrauding - inside the abc news ufo documentary hoax - aliens, coverups, and free energy - an. Steven m greer, md is founder of the disclosure project, the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence (cseti), the orion project and sirius tec. Steven greer – before he was famous “the disclosure project” steven greer has always been followed by would they stoop to a hoax to push for disclosure. Well there are two sides to every story greer does strike me as an egomaniac somewhat i think it greatly discredits the disclosure project if he in fact referenced.


disclosure project hoax Dr steven greer interviewed by the health ranger on alien attack false flag (the disclosure project mike adams serves as the founding editor of naturalnews.
Disclosure project hoax
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